Does Amazon show any sign of Meltable products when we list or send inventory to FBA like Hazmat and dangerous products?

I found 10+ products with good sales and ROI from a supplier and seller AMP is showing a Meltable alert while the supplier said, these products are not meltable?

What do you think I should do? Whom do I need to trust?

Please advise,

Amazon no, but a software like Seller Amp or Seller Assistant App do show you these alerts.

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Search for the Meltable List in Seller Central. There’s an Excel file with all the meltable ASINs.

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Just use common sense to decide if an item is meltable or not. If you have any doubts, leave one on your car dashboard in the sun for a week.


Alright, thanks.

If ASIN is not in the sheet, we can send to FBA right?

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I would open a case and get verification to be sure.

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Thanks very much for the road map

No, they don’t display any warning messages.

Meltable products are basically anything that would dissolve when being left in the car in summer.