Does Amazon allows us to send a message for review through this option?

Can i ask for review through this option?


Are you asking for clarification? I’d say not.

Amazon customers don’t like to be bothered. Asking them for a review and/or feedback usually doesn’t end well.


Why? What can happen?

They could leave you a lousy review and/or negative feedback. They may also complain to Amazon.

Amazon does recommend that you use the Request a review feature on the Order Details page instead of asking the customer via email or Buyer- Seller Messaging.

Request a review from a customer

Communication Guidelines fall under Policies, agreements, and guidelines. It’s important to understand them.


What you cannot do is ask for a ‘good’ review!

No. The only way I have seen to request review is the “request review” tab on orders screen but not sure if you see that if doing fba. I’m mostly fbm.

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