Does Amazon allow the FNSKU to be printed with the packages artwork?

Wouldn’t want for the supplier to do extra work by labeling each product with the FNSKU label.


BUT, it could change. So, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Lots of products’s FNSKU are printed on the packaging directly. Make sure it’s white background, black ink, easy to find and scan… Some barcode on products are artwork designed but hard to find and some ink are faded and non-scannable. TIP: Print the barcode on the TOP side. If you print the bar code on the button, the shipping label could on the button side. Your packaging will be upside down during the shipping process.


Pretty sure I’ve seen private label products with the fnsku printed directly onto the packaging

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Yes, you can print on the packaging like box etc but make sure it should be scannable.

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Why would my FNSKU barcode change? When can it happen?