Does Amazon accept receipts and order confirmations?

Lots of people are talking about getting reviewed by Amazon re negotiators and that they are requesting invoices from sellers.

I’m quite new and don’t want to get caught out by making mistakes.
I tend to by from wholesalers whereby I get invoices but I sometimes buy from other places where they only give receipts or online order summaries. Will Amazon accept these or are we only permitted to sell things that are purchased from places that give us invoices?

I would say that it is very, very, very important to have an invoice for every single order you make, whether it’s from a retailer or a wholesaler.

Personally, I started focusing more on wholesale, but I still engage in Online Arbitrage (OA) and buy from retailers that are reseller-friendly and provide invoices.

Make sure that the billing information on the invoice matches, letter for letter, the details on your Amazon account.

Ensure that the invoice clearly shows the name of the product and is easy to read.

Do not buy from third-party sellers, but only from suppliers (retailers and wholesalers).

This is my approach, and I hope others can add some more advice.


Amazon only accept invoices.If you do Amazon business, no matter how legit your are, at some point you still have to run into issues like others.


If you are doing wholesale, you must have invoices from the authentic supplier or distributor or you must have authorization letter from the brand. Retailors receipts and online summery are not accepted.


This answer is the key answer.

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