Do you think it would be advisable to use a personal email for OA subscriptions and reserve my company email for purchasing purposes?

Hello everyone.

I’m looking for some advice on managing a single business email for FBA wholesale, as I am already receiving a large volume of emails and will soon be subscribing to at least 500 stores for OA. I’m concerned about potentially getting spammed with newsletters and other promotional emails.

I would appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to best manage this.

Thank you!

You don’t need your business email or personal email for OA subscriptions.

You simply make a new yahoo account and subscribe all retailers through that email id and if you are looking for promotional messages you should use sales gazer too.

When you finally order from a retailer use another yahoo id so that you can easily collect invoices and if you have to look into any info in future, it would be easier for you


I use my Gmail address to purchase products from retail stores around the world that I plan to resell, and use it to subscribe to their promotional mailings. I don’t want them to know exactly who I am.

Using my business email address would bring them to my website, where they’d probably decide not to fill my orders. I use this address when ordering from/communicating with my suppliers.


Appreciate the advice.

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