Do you repackage your FBA products?

Hey everyone!

I sell in the USA by Online Arbitrage model. Could you tell me please, what should I do with product repackaging? Some people say that only fragile goods should be repackaged. Others say that everything needs to be repackaged. Which of these is true and which products should be repackaged? Because my prep center asks me what to do and I am not sure.

P.s. By repackaging I do not mean attaching the FNSKU labels but direct replacing of the original packaging of the product.

Thank you!

Hello @izzystyles. Welcome to the Seller Forums!

While fragile goods require more than just repackaging, we repackaged everything in a way that they could survive being transferred within the FBA warehouse system.

Without knowing what products you will be sending, the Send/replenish inventory: Prepare your products for FBA shipping provides much of the information you need to know, and has links to more information about specific product categories that may require poly bagging,

As you are using the RA model, make sure your prep center remove and/or cover the pride tags.


If your product is fragile, then you can ask your freight forwarder to help you package it with bubble wrap and attach a fragile label.


If u think it will get damaged in transit then pack it.


Thank you all! So much more helpful than Amazon’s real forums !