Do you need utility bill to open a new seller account on Amazon?

Hello everyone!

I am 100% new, about to sign up for a USA Amazon seller account. I set up an LLC, got a bussiness bank account , I’m pretty much ready to apply. The only thing is I just set up my utility electric bill into my LLC so I can provide a statement for Amazon.

I won’t have this statement until next month probably. Is it ok to apply for a sellers Amazon account now without it? Or is it smart to wait for the statement ?

Thank you so much for your help.

yes you need the identification documents which includes the bills also

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So, should I wait until I get the utility bill before registering a seller central account?

Congrats on setting up your LLC and business bank account, that’s a great start! When it comes to applying for a USA Amazon seller account, it’s generally recommended to have all the required documents ready before applying. While you may be able to proceed without the utility electric bill statement, it’s always smart to have all the necessary documents in order to avoid any potential delays or complications during the application process. It might be worth waiting until you have the statement next month to ensure a smooth application.

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It’s better to wait until you have the utility bill statement for your LLC before applying for an Amazon seller account. This way, you can provide all the required documentation upfront and avoid any potential delays in the application process.

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Thank you everybody