Do you have any tips how I could achieve a faster ranking?

Hi, does anyone know how I could achieve a faster ranking?

My products (tents) don’t seem to rank below 100k.

I’ve implemented PPC, coupons, price offers, some products with reviews, and all with A+ content.

Improving your product ranking involves a combination of factors. Consider optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords, enhancing product images, and getting more positive reviews. Additionally, analyze your PPC campaigns to ensure they are effectively targeting your audience. A holistic approach to these aspects can contribute to better rankings over time.


Achieving fast ranking requires a multi-faceted approach. Ensure your PPC campaigns are optimized with relevant keywords. Leverage promotions and coupons strategically to drive initial sales. Maintain competitive pricing and monitor market trends. Focus on acquiring more positive reviews, as they play a crucial role in building trust. Additionally, regularly update your A+ content to enhance product presentation. Consistency is key, so continue refining your strategies and staying responsive to market dynamics.


The most important thing to consider before launch is making sure of your targeted product’s demand and flexible competition for you. And next important at launch is to set up your PPC campaigns properly.

Also consider improving your offer and price relative to your competitors.

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One last question, how much keywords do you usually put into listing configs?

When it comes to listing configs, it’s best to focus on relevant and high-quality keywords.

There isn’t a specific number, but choose keywords that accurately describe your product.