Do you have a va or more than one va?

And if yes, how much do you pay them and what do they do for you?

I haven’t up to now but will be hiring one for $13/hour, yes expensive but well trained, to do PL research, A+ listing and PPC.

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Making a move into the pl world?

I think you won’t get accurate numbers in public comments.

Good bosses handles this discrete and good VA’s keeps in discrete as well.

But in general, full time VA’s are from $260 to $750 monthly. Depends on the task, depends on the skills, depends on the experience, depends on spoken languages, etc etc.

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Hiring a VA can significantly improve productivity by offloading routine or specialized tasks, allowing you to focus on core activities. Compensation and the type of work VAs do can vary greatly, so it’s important to align their skills with your needs and budget.

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I paid $350 my VA is from Brazil

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Just a simple question. Not who you’re paying.

Just do you have VAs and what do you pay them. Not asking for advice on hiring a VA.

More curious about what people do pay for and what those people end up doing.

A lot of sellers have VA. they pay them according to their expertise or skills. $500 to $800.