Do you all think it is necessary to pay for a fba course to launch a product in us market?

So far I’ve been working on the process myself.

-filed llc (already had one) also filed dba

-setup business bank account and credit card

-got approved for Amazon seller account

-product research on helium 10

-check for patents/ trademarks

-talk to manufacturers get quotes

-have samples made( currently being shipped to me)

-take professional photos

-apply for trademarks for logo and product name

-get barcodes gs1

-build a listing get Asin for manufacturers to put on products

-have shipment sent to fba warehouses

-get liability insurance after 10k in sales

What else all am I missing that I need to do to launch product?

An honest platform to work from, sorry, not what you wanted to hear.

You are going to find out that you wasted good money and plenty of time trying to sell on either online market place. Both online marketplaces are throttling sellers so what that means is the more sellers the less you will sell.

Better to just list on amazon and don’t worry about it and spend your money on building your own online store. Much harder to do, however in the long run you will be able to sleep at night.


Thanks for getting back to me. Starting an online store requires a budget. When you consider everything that’s wrong with FBA, it’s still the easiest way to make money quickly and effortlessly.

Sounds good! I like it.

Which you-tube guru said this?

No, it will be much less money than you will spend on amazon and ebay selling.

That is fact.

Consider this, all the money you waste on amazon and ebay fees evaporates.

When you build your own website you are building equity in your company. Yes, years ago I fell into the trap. Back then our amazon fees were more than what 90% of what the amazon sellers do in gross sales.

So, I totally pissed that money away, blindly and also add lazy since I followed the path of least resistance.

Today I totally regret getting involved with ebay and amazon, back then they created the illusion they were trying to help a small start up company. Now look at both of them.

eBay and amazon are very good at generating opacity in regards to how sellers spend their money. You need to do the analysis and not listen to the hype generated by both platforms and companies that are selling service to 3P sellers.


I did my homework, and I know all the ins and outs of dealing with Amazon. I’m totally cool with taking the risk.

Good luck. Be ready for many hurdles ahead.

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Sounds like a solid strategy; however, what will you do if the product doesn’t sell? Most sellers who complete these courses are well-prepared for FBA, but they often find themselves stuck with thousands of units of a generic product and no funds to cover even the storage fees.