Do we need to make a separate account for Ama Payments from our EKM Site?

We’re looking to accept Amazon Payments on our EKM website but nothing is really clear. We’re Amazon sellers already but I see no integration settings within Seller central so I can only assume we do.

But when I go to make an Amazon Payments account, I am already logged in - I do not want to upset the apple cart ,so to speak.

Anyone else done this before?


I’m sorry, but it’s not clear to me whether you’ve used the merchant sign up link to start registering, or you’ve just created a customer payments account:

Some of the instructions there are out-dated (it’s ‘merchants’, not ‘business’, for instance).

The standard Seller Central home page doesn’t have the Integration tab you need unless you sign up for an account, and in order to do that, you must first select your solution provider:

Getting Started: Setting Up a Payment Gateway | Amazon Pay

Set up a payment gateway on Amazon Pay with our quick and easy integration steps. Tap into our network of commerce providers, payment gateways and agencies.

But if I’ve misunderstood, and you’re further along with creating your payment button, please let me know and I’ll look into it some more.

Good luck!