Do we have to pay account fee on login to another market of amazon?

Guide please . Let me elaborate… I open my other markets on Amazon when my US account deactivated. But Amazon required utility bill. After that amazon ask to attach valid card on file . It means they want to charge a business account fee ?

They won’t charge you unless you opt for the professional selling plan. But as your account in US has been deactivated, it will never be activated in any other market. If it does, they will soon find a link and you will be deactivated.

Your best action is to get the US account activated. My guess is that you are trying to avoid paying taxes but I could be wrong.


I agree with @AmazonUKForumRefugee on the point regarding the charge.

However, some suspensions are milder and don’t cause other marketplaces to get similarly affected. If the OP was suspended over ODR or something similar, they should be still able to sell on international Amazon sites.