Do out of stock listings in inventory impact your Buy Box rate?

If I keep a few listings but put them as having 0 inventory since I’m sold out, and there are other sellers selling on that listing ( I just don’t want to delete the listing for future use).

Is it going to be a problem for getting the buy box for the other listings?

Hi @Alvar67 ,

You are out of stock, and want to keep the Buy Box?

Becoming the Featured Offer help topic provides the keys to earning and keeping the Buy Box.

IV. Keep stock available

You can’t become the Featured Offer if you’re out of stock and none is on order. Keep your inventory updated and plan accordingly for things that sell quickly.

The Amazon Selling Coach can show you low and out-of-stock inventory alerts, letting you know, in real time, when it’s time to stock up.

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If you’re sold out then let the others keep selling, it’ll help maintain the sales rank higher.