Do I risk suspension for doing this ONLY ONCE?

I always enter a valid tracking number from RM, but this time I got a listing by accident set on International which sold to a US buyer.
Tracking from UK to US is so pricey I’d be making quite a loss, so I decided to just do without and see - now I’m sick with worry: could this one time cause suspension?

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No need to worry - international orders are not subject to Valid Tracking Rate.

Valid Tracking Rate is only counted for domestic orders. At the same time, there is a threshold which allows for you to process some orders without tracking. A single untracked order (even if domestic) wouldn’t lead to your account getting suspended.


Fantastic, thank you so much Kika.

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Also, if I may ask more, does/can Amazon-uk’s automatic system make a difference between defective VTR due to postman not scanning on delivery (not our fault), and just not entering any number from the start (usually our fault)?

Your Valid Tracking Rate will count any tracking number as valid as long as it contains an acceptance scan. If there is no final delivery scan, then this could impact your ability to offer Premium Delivery, but not Valid Tracking Rate.

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