Do I need to tick all boxes when acknowledging a violation on Amazon?


Can someone please help me with this? Do I need to select all?

I just want to prevent my account from being deactivated!

Thank you so much…

Just select all and click on Submit.


Do you have an invoice from the supplier? If yes, it’s better to upload it just to be safe. If you don’t have any invoices, then tick all and acknowledge.

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Totally agree with that. However the last three might erode the sellers chances at a lawsuit. If the seller is totally guilty it would not matter. However if this is an attack by either amazon or a competitor using amazon as a proxy the seller might have some legal recourse.

The first one is a total admission of guilt, so if not guilty and they checked it this would eliminate any possible legal actions against amazon or the party that initiated the “violation”.

Hard to say what the right answer is…

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You will be fine with ticking all boxes and acknowledging.

You are correct, Amazon very well knows why they introduced this new system of formal admissions to replace written appeals. Admit and acknowledge a few times and once you get suspended, they have a bullet proof case against you with records of your confessions in writing.

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Pretty sure the majority are guilty of the violations and the innocent ones are feeling pressure to sign it just to get over the event and keep from losing every thing.

Too bad our government does not step in and regulate the online market places.

Both major platforms touch so many lives and can destroy peoples lives so easily. If I treated my employees like the online marketplaces treat the sellers I would be in jail or broke from paying fines…


I agree with others. I wouldn’t make admissions that could be used against me in the future.


Amazon has it all carefully calculated in advance. They understand that their agreements have no solid foundation, and soon enough, sellers will be able to contest those legal terms and regain access to their funds and inventory or receive payouts after suspension. This is their safety net.

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