Do I need more of a buffer or does the box my product goes in not count towards the shipping weight?

The product that I would like to sell on Amazon weighs 15.75 ounces, which is good because it’s under 16 ounces and qualifies for lower shipping costs.

However, I am worried that I also need to account for the box that Amazon puts the product in, thus boosting me into the upper shipping cost level.

I would appreciate any insight :slight_smile:

some steps you can take to ensure you accurately calculate your shipping costs on Amazon:

  1. Measure the Product and Packaging: Measure both the product and the packaging you plan to use. Include the length, width, and height of the package. Make sure to measure the outer dimensions of the box, as this is what Amazon will use to calculate shipping costs.
  2. Calculate the Package Size: Calculate the volume of the package by multiplying its length, width, and height. This will give you the package’s cubic inches or cubic centimeters.
  3. Check Amazon’s Shipping Guidelines: Amazon has specific guidelines for packaging and shipping, including size and weight limits. Make sure your package falls within these guidelines to avoid higher shipping costs. Amazon’s guidelines may change, so always check the most current information.
  4. Weigh the Package: Weigh the entire package, including the product and the packaging materials you plan to use. Make sure the total weight (product + packaging) is still under 16 ounces if you want to qualify for lower shipping costs.
  5. Use Amazon’s Shipping Calculator: Amazon provides a shipping calculator that can help you estimate your shipping costs based on the product’s weight and package size. You can access this tool within your Amazon Seller account.
  6. Consider Amazon’s Fulfillment Services: If you’re using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), they handle the packaging and shipping for you, and you’ll be charged based on their fees, which take packaging into account.
  7. Optimize Your Packaging: If your packaging is close to the size and weight limits that would increase your shipping costs, consider ways to optimize it. Use lightweight materials and minimize excess packaging.

In fact, Amazon may not use their own boxes.

If your product is already well packaged, there may be no additional charges.

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Any outer box / packaging will understandably be included in the total shipping weight.

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Thank you. So it might be better to reduce the weight of the actual product.