Do I need a tracking number for my FBA shipment?

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What if there is a delivery to FBA via small parcel delivery, but tracking numbers cannot be provided to Amazon?
The transporter can, however, deliver the boxes to the designated Amazon warehouse and place them on the ramp.

Based on your experience, is it necessary to have tracking for the parcels, or is it sufficient to deliver them to the ramp with Amazon labels in place?

No its not mandatory, but after shipment closure amazon will detect tracking problem and request you to resolve.

You just need to click on resolve and it will be totally fine.


Maybe they can but do they know the correct procedure and rules that Amazon stipulates?


Yes, tracking is now a measurable performance requirement for FBA Shipments - at least in the US.

However, I am still not seeing any negative consequences, despite almost 30% of my shipments have no tracking entered. The threshold is pretty high.

If you have tracking, try to provide it.

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So far, I haven’t received any alerts asking for tracking numbers, but I am aware of the risks of losing the stock.

Thank you

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