Do I have to pay a selling fee from shipping cost?

Does Amazon charge sellers a fee out of postage charges?

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Yes they also add shipping in the product price

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I mean if Amazon deducts a fee when the shipping costs are separate from product price

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Yes. Selling fees are deducted out of the total product price and postage as well.

You do not pay a seller’s fee on shipping costs. Shipping services are handled as separate transactions.


This is the case if the seller purchases postage labels directly from Amazon.

In cases where the seller sets their own postal charges and no labels are bough from Amazon, then I guess all fees are charged from the total price (including shipping)?

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I can’t find how to do that anywhere?

Maybe if you are US based you are able to buy shipping from Amazon. But when I check my Seller Account, I am being charged selling fees from the total price.

This is how I set the shipping cost:


Oh, yeah. Of course.

I should be the first one to know about sales tax on gift wrapping and shipping.



I remember that marketplaces at some point in the past used to charge no fees from shipping. However, then sometime in early 2010’s it started to become a popular practice for Chinese sellers to set a $0.99 product price + $29.99 shipping or similar. Since then, all selling fees are charged out of the full sales proceeds, unless you buy shipping labels directly (I guess).