Do anyone think the location of my merchandise will matter?

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Thank you Kika for showing me this page. So looking for advise. About to set up my first listing and create a shipping plan. I live in NY and I’m getting shipment from China. Should I look for an Amazon distribution center in California to try and save on shipping cost or juts go with the NY center because it is close to me?

Thanks for the advice.

amazon will dictate where the product goes if you are shipping directly to them.
It all depends on how much product you have and the costs associated with that.

If you want the best location find a place in Missouri, the transit times to both coasts and most of the USA is good.

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the decision should be based on a combination of cost-effectiveness, customer reach, and your business strategy. Amazon also provides tools and recommendations within the shipping plan creation process to help you choose the most suitable fulfillment center based on your products and location.

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Don’t worry about the location of a FBA warehouse. Amazon’s algorithms will provide you a shipping address - there’s no way how you can pick one yourself.

When shipping to USA Amazon, find the “Ship From” address field in Shipping plan: plz fill a US address on the west coast, there are higher chances that Amazon will assign a warehouse on the west coast. As the shipping price to West Coast is the cheapest, so it can save shipping costs.

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