Distributor damaged inventory

I shipped this by UPS (purchased through amz) & it’s arrived damaged.
When they say distributor damage… That refers to UPS right?
I can’t seem to make a claim for damaged goods, they just want me to remove unfulfillable inventory.

Any ideas? Looking for compensation for damaged items.

Thank you

They class you as the distributor so they are saying that you sent them damaged. They won’t reimburse for this.


Ah okay, thanks!

You will need to remove the items to find out why they say they are damaged then try to claim

Open case for reimbursement

That option isn’t coming up. Do i just do that in seller support?

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If you think the items were damaged by UPS, you would have to make the claim with them. Amazon won’t help.

they just want me to remove unfulfillable inventory.

To avoid having Amazon dispose of your inventory, you need to create a Removal orrder for the units within 14 days of receiving the required removal notice.

Required removals

You can set up having your unfillable inventory automatically sent back to you. We set the option to remove them weekly. This way you won’t have Amazon automatically dispose of your products.

Remove inventory automatically


Thank you @FunkyMonkey , this is what I thought…

You’re welcome.

Once you receive your items back, it is possible that they aren’t damaged at all Hopefully.