Discrepancy between mine and my competitor’s storage fees

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I filed a case with Amazon to show a discrepancy between my competitor’s storage costs as compared to mine as shown on the side-by-side comparison screenshot attached here. The top of the screenshot shows that his size/weight measurements are nearly identical to mine. However, on the Amazon revenue calculator, the storage costs for my product are significantly higher than storage costs for his item. Moreover, I circled the areas of the storage costs that do not sync up on my item as they do on his item.

Has anyone seen this issue in the past?

Amazon calculates storage fees based on several factors, including the daily average volume of the inventory stored in their fulfillment centers, the product type, size tier, and time of year.

If the size and weight measurements of your product and your competitor’s product are nearly identical, the difference in storage costs could be due to other factors. For example, if your product is classified differently (such as a regular product versus a dangerous good), the storage fees could vary.

Moreover, Amazon offers discounts on multi-unit orders, which could also affect the storage costs.

If you believe there’s an error, it’s a good step that you’ve already filed a case with Amazon. They should be able to provide a detailed explanation for the discrepancy. In the meantime, you might want to double-check the details of your product listing, including the product type and size tier, to ensure they’re accurate.

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The dimensions look similar but also could just be tricky for yours to store it one is 5x11 other is 17x11 hence more to store ?

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