Discrepancy between Ad Report and Console data


When downloading advertising report data, there is some disparity between what I can see in the UI and what I can see on my reports in excel.

For example, if I just run a report for the previous month the spend levels are about 10% lower in the downloaded data.

Has anyone experienced this? I presume it could be an attribution issue.



Discrepancies between the data displayed in the Amazon Advertising UI and the downloaded reports can occur for several reasons. While I don’t have real-time information on specific updates or changes to Amazon’s reporting system, I can offer some insights into potential causes for the disparity:

  1. Attribution differences: Attribution refers to how Amazon attributes a sale or conversion to a specific ad or campaign. The reporting data in the UI and the downloaded reports may use different attribution models, resulting in variations in spend levels. For example, the UI may display immediate spend values, while the downloaded reports could include delayed or adjusted attribution data.
  2. Reporting delay: The data displayed in the UI may update more frequently than the data available in the downloaded reports. It’s possible that the downloaded reports have a slight lag due to processing and data synchronization, leading to differences in spend levels.
  3. Time zone differences: Ensure that the time zones are consistent between the UI and your downloaded reports. Mismatched time zones can lead to discrepancies in data, especially when comparing data across different time periods.
  4. Filtering and data segmentation: Review your report settings and ensure that any filters or segmentation options are consistent between the UI and the downloaded reports. Different settings applied during report generation can result in variations in the displayed spend levels.
  5. Reporting accuracy: While Amazon strives to provide accurate reporting data, occasional discrepancies can occur due to technical issues or data processing errors. It’s possible that the variance you’re observing is due to such factors.

If you consistently notice significant discrepancies between the UI and downloaded reports, consider the following steps:

  • Double-check your report settings and ensure they align with your intended analysis.
  • Verify the time zone settings to ensure consistency.
  • Compare different reports and time periods to identify any patterns or consistent differences.
  • Reach out to Amazon Advertising support or seller support to inquire about any known reporting issues or receive clarification on the observed disparities.

Ultimately, if you require precise and up-to-date data, it’s advisable to rely on the downloaded reports as they provide a more comprehensive dataset. The UI can serve as a general overview, but the downloaded reports offer a more accurate and detailed picture of your advertising performance.

Keep in mind that my responses are based on general knowledge and may not reflect the most recent updates or changes to Amazon’s advertising platform. It’s always recommended to consult Amazon’s official documentation or reach out to their support channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding reporting discrepancies.

I hope this helps clarify the potential causes for the disparities you’re experiencing.