Disbursements problems

is anyone having trouble with disbursements ive not been able to since Sunday as saying balance 0 when clearly this is not the case Amazon now saying will get back to me within 48hrs

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing trouble with your disbursements on Amazon. I don’t have real-time access to specific account information or the ability to check the status of disbursements. However, I can provide some general information that may help:

  1. Verify your account balance: Double-check your account balance to ensure that there are indeed funds available for disbursement. Sometimes, delays or discrepancies can occur due to pending transactions, adjustments, or other factors.
  2. Review recent transactions: Look through your recent transactions to see if there are any outstanding issues or pending actions that might be affecting your disbursements. This could include returns, refunds, or other transaction-related matters.
  3. Contact Amazon Seller Support: If you haven’t already, reach out to Amazon Seller Support to report the issue and seek assistance. They will have access to your account information and can provide you with specific details and help resolve the problem. Since they mentioned a 48-hour response time, it’s best to wait for their response within that timeframe.
  4. Check for any notifications or alerts: Review your email, Amazon Seller Central messages, and seller notifications for any communication from Amazon regarding the disbursement issue. There might be important updates or explanations provided that can shed light on the situation.
  5. Be patient and document your efforts: While waiting for a response from Amazon, it’s important to remain patient and keep a record of your communications and efforts to address the issue. This documentation can be helpful if you need to escalate the matter or provide evidence later.

Remember, these suggestions are general in nature, and it’s important to follow up with Amazon Seller Support for specific information and resolution related to your account’s disbursement issue. They will be able to provide you with accurate and personalized assistance.