Disbursement issues

Hi Guys

I’m having disbursement issues for over a week now. Every-time i do a manual disbursement it sends the confirmation email etc but then after a day or 2 it just goes back into my amazon account and says there is an issue and i need to contact support. Technical dept have been looking at it for over a week now but still no response from them.

Is anyone else having this issue? or ever had this issue. My account is in perfect order so no reason for this.

contact seller support and ask for a “Trace ID” for the transfer assuming you received a confirmation email on Monday night saying that Amazon disbursement is on it’s way!

If they can provide the trace ID the payment has been made and is on its way, just slowly - if they don’t have a trace ID the payment never left their account and you need to insist that they process it again.

Also email [email protected] and ask for the same - this usually works although if the payment never left you will have to wait another 3-5 days for the new payment to arrive.

If you have any red flags or problems with your metrics this may cause an issue with disbursement.

Have you recently updated your charge method or bank account on file?

This normally causes delays.

Yeah cheers I emailed them and they came back within an hour.

For some reason they want me to re-verify my bank account