Difference in shipping east, central or west for FBA inventory?

Does the premium payoff?

I am assuming your are asking about the Inbound Placement Fee, right?

I don’t think there are any differences in terms of Amazon’s fulfillment of your items. However, your shipping carrier may charge you different rates depending on the location of the FBA warehouse where are you shipping.

Personally, I always choose the location with the lowest placement fee. For me, the shipping rates are identical for the whole of the US.


It is the same. If you are in East you want your product ship to East since obviously is going to be more cheap. Try to search for YouTube videos explaining about split shipments and more.

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking that paying for West may give you an edge sometimes over others, but now I will be using East for all my shipments.

You also want to try different quantity scenarios. Sometimes 2 shipments is cheaper than splitting the shipments 4 ways.

Sometimes it’s even cheaper to add a random SKU to the shipment and pretend you’re shipping it :rofl:

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The inventory placement fees are different, you can compare them with the shipping costs and choose the cheapest one