Difference between a manufacturing agreement vs purchase agreement

Hi Guys,

Im hoping you can help.

I am confused as to what is the difference between a manufacturing agreement vs purchase agreement?

I hired an attorney to do the purchase agreement for me and he said he only does manufacturing agreement and the supplier sends the purchase agreement after?

Im confused I thought they were the same thing

Follow with your attorney


Manufacturer agreement spells out manufacturer terms, charges and relationship terms. If buying from overseas, I have found it doesn’t need one but will also satisfy as purchase agreement as well if required by someone or Amazon.


If you have a problem in Asia, you are screwed either with or without unless you are willing to spend a small fortune for international lawyers and they will do what they want there anyways.


A manufacturing agreement typically outlines the terms between a manufacturer and a client for the production of goods. On the other hand, a purchase agreement is a contract between a buyer and seller specifying the terms of a transaction.

It seems your attorney specializes in manufacturing agreements, and the supplier may send a separate purchase agreement. They serve distinct purposes, but both are crucial in business transactions.

If you have concerns, it’s advisable to discuss the specifics with your attorney to ensure comprehensive coverage for your needs.