Did anyone faced the same issue?

I have created a removal order for one of my inventory on 02-Dec-23,

It’s been more than 3 months but still the status is Pending.

I have called Amazon hundreds of times, at start they were saying Amazon need maximum 90 days to complete the order, after 90days they will start the investigation, now it’s been more than 100 days and Whenever I called them they keep on saying we have created and forwarded your case to relevant team and they will contact you, but I never get a positive response.

They don’t have any exact amswer to my query.

Personaly never had this issue however , now is just a waiting game for you …You need to wait for them to investigate !! Be carefull not to “spam” them with cases as they might ignore you … 😃

In the meantime you could email the MD and contact seller support on twitter !!

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It can happen. The boxes are constantly moving through warehouses and trucks. The other option is to contact Amazon for a refund.

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