Did anyone experience this issue in Europe and are there any ways to fix it?

I am trying to log in, requesting otp but it is not redirecting to the page with the field for entering otp.

This message just keeps popping up. I’ve waited 20 minutes, an hour, a couple of hours - nothing!

Only after 2 days the system let me to log in but now I got logged off again and have the similar issue.

Please, help.

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Yes, this is a known glitch. Here are my recommendations how to address this issue:

  1. Don’t interact with the error screen in any way. Don’t wait for the time for another OTP code to pass. Don’t click on Send OTP. Don’t click on Two-Step Verification Account Recovery.

  2. Refresh the browser and manually enter your full login credentials, therefore e-mail address and password. Do this even if you have them automatically pre-filled.

  3. Request the OTP and then enter it.