Did Amazon pay back your money if units become distributor damaged?

My 16 units title to distributor damaged.

How can I claim money???

Thank you in advance

They SHOULD reimburse you. Not sure how long you have to wait, maybe it’s 45 days, so keep checking and make sure they do pay.

  1. Document the Damage: Take clear photographs or videos of the damaged units from multiple angles. Ensure that the extent of the damage is clearly visible in the documentation.
  2. Contact the Distributor: Reach out to the distributor as soon as possible to report the damage. Provide them with the documentation of the damaged units and any other relevant information they may require.
  3. Review Distribution Agreement: Refer to the distribution agreement you have with the distributor to understand the terms and conditions related to damaged inventory and the claims process.

Yes for distributor damaged you should get reimbursed … You can open a case and ask for reimbursement!

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Enter reference ID (TRID)

Where can I find this?

TRID number is transaction number, you get that from Amazon report, or if using stk from there. If you use stk, raise all claims through there. They will say its not eligible but they are.

Did you use UPS partnered courier?

Yes, I did.

I tried via STK but they refused.

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Did you open a case and ask for reimbursement?

I think that for the Reference Id, you can find it on the UPS website. Just log in if you can if not, just paste the tracking number on the UPS website, and then you can take all the details from there (as proof of collection and delivery) and paste them into the case. Dealing with distributor damage is quite an easy process, so do not worry.


They will always refuse but they are reimbursable if sent with partnered carrier

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Let me try I hope it works

Thank you all for your help

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