Developer Registration Denied?

Hello, we have a professional seller account and want to link our systems for pan-european Amazon Offerings. Our products are not eligible for FBA, so we need to link our own systems to automate this process. We tried to register as a developer, but last week our application was denied for no reason?

How can we expand our offerings if Amazon doesn’t allow us to connect to MWS?

Anybody similar experiences with MWS Developer?

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There are a number of existing 3rd party systems that integrate with Amazon, I struggle to imagine that building your own would be more successful or cheaper than buying off the shelf unless your own existing in-house systems are extremely bespoke and complex.

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Our system acts as a hub for all our business. eCommerce, wholesale and also marketplaces. We only need order interaction with MWS. We have limited SKUs and we set those up manually.

Which systems would you suggest?

What system do you use? We are on Magento for eCommerce and use M2E to perform sales and inventory synchronisation across our own store and 3rd party marketplaces.

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We use a custom built system, which makes it much easier to adapt our system quickly to different markets/cultures/etc. We only need the developer keys, we can build the connecters in an afternoon… if only we would get access.

We operate the same process as ProtectAir and PeteB we only use MWS to import all the orders into Sage 200, Magento for the Site. We used a developer to do this.

I presume from the OP the issue is you, the Seller trying to register as a developer, this on the basis you actually want to develop your own MWS Application for Amazon or an Amazon Seller? Amazon have strict criteria to be a MWS developer, I would presume you actually want to authorise your Seller account

I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS.— Select this option when you sign
up to use Amazon MWS for your own Amazon seller account, Amazon MWS will assign a developer
account identifier to you. When you make Amazon MWS requests, you’ll use the developer account
credentials that are associated with your developer account, plus the Merchant ID and the Marketplace
ID for your seller account.

Developing an Amazon MWS application
To create applications that use Amazon MWS, you need a development environment for Java, C#, or
PHP. If you are a developer who is using Amazon MWS to build software for your own eligible Amazon
account, use the email address for that Amazon seller account when you sign up for Amazon MWS,
selecting the option to use your own Amazon MWS-eligible seller account with Amazon MWS. For
more information, see the topic Signing Up for Amazon MWS. If you are a developer who wants to
use Amazon MWS to build professional software for other eligible Amazon sellers, you must first sign
up for Amazon MWS with your own Amazon MWS-eligible seller account. On the last page of your
Amazon MWS registration, make note of your developer account identifier, as you’ll need to provide
this number to sellers who want to use your developer services or application.
When your software is ready for testing with additional seller accounts, you can provide sellers with
your developer account identifier, which they can use to register forAmazon MWS. The sellers log into
their ownAmazon MWS-eligible seller accounts and insert your developer account identifier during the
registration process. The sellers need to make note of the Merchant ID and Marketplace ID for their
accounts, and pass that information to you.You will then be able to make Amazon MWS requests on
their behalf, using their seller credentials and your developer credentials.
For further assistance with building your application, we suggest you use the other available resources
for Amazon MWS. For more information, see Related Resources

I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS.— Select this option
if you want to use an application to access your Amazon seller account using Amazon MWS. When
you register, you must enter the developer account identifier for the application you will be using. The
final page of the Amazon MWS registration process shows your Merchant ID and Marketplace ID.You
will use these identifiers in the application you will use.

I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.— Select this option
when you want to authorize a third-party developer to access your account with Amazon MWS.

@Amazon_Seller11 were you able to resolve this issue? If yes, how did that happen?


If your application to register as a developer for Amazon MWS (Merchant Web Services) was denied without any specific reason provided, it can be frustrating. However, there are a few steps you can take to address this issue and explore alternative options:

  1. Appeal the Denial: If your application was denied without a clear reason, it is worth appealing the decision. Contact the Amazon Developer Support team and provide them with all the relevant details about your business and the purpose of integrating with MWS. Clearly explain your need for MWS access to expand your offerings and automate processes. The support team may review your case and provide further guidance or reconsider the denial.
  2. Seek Clarification: Reach out to the Amazon Developer Support team to seek clarification on why your application was denied. Request more information about the specific reasons for the denial. This can help you understand if there were any specific requirements or criteria that were not met in your application. By obtaining clarification, you can address those issues in a future application or explore alternative solutions.
  3. Explore Third-Party Solutions: If connecting to MWS directly is not an option at the moment, consider exploring third-party solutions that provide integration with Amazon’s API. There are software providers and integration platforms that offer services to connect your own systems to Amazon’s marketplace without requiring direct MWS access. Research and evaluate these solutions to find one that aligns with your requirements.
  4. Consider Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM): Since your products are not eligible for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you can consider using the Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) method. With FBM, you fulfill orders from your own facilities or through third-party logistics providers. While FBA offers certain advantages, FBM allows you to maintain control over the fulfillment process and can be suitable for products that are not FBA-eligible. Explore the FBM option to expand your offerings on Amazon’s pan-European marketplace.
  5. Seek Advice from Fellow Sellers: Reach out to other sellers who may have encountered similar experiences with MWS Developer registration. Online forums, communities, and Amazon seller groups can be valuable resources for gathering insights and advice from sellers who have faced similar challenges. They may be able to provide guidance based on their own experiences or suggest alternative approaches.

Remember, each situation is unique, and there can be various factors involved in the denial of an MWS Developer application. By appealing the decision, seeking clarification, exploring alternative solutions, and leveraging the knowledge and experiences of other sellers, you can find a way to expand your offerings on Amazon’s pan-European marketplace.

I wish you the best of luck in resolving the issue and successfully expanding your Amazon offerings!

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