Default Sort Order in Sponsored Ads Dashboard


This is a seemingly trivial question but it would be great if its possible to sort it!

Whenever I go into the Campaign Manager, I want to view my campaigns sorted by the Campaign name (A to Z)
This is easily done by clicking the ‘Campaign’ word above all the campaign names.

But is there any way to make that stick? Everytime I go into a campiagn, change something and come back out, it resets and sorts by the most recently changed.

Appreciate one click isn’t a huge problem but it gets annoying when you’re in and out of hundreds of campaigns :slight_smile:

Best Wishes

In the Campaign Manager, you can sort your campaigns by the Campaign name (A to Z) by clicking on the ‘Campaign’ word above the campaign names. However, currently, there is no way to make this sorting preference stick permanently. Every time you enter a campaign, make changes, and return, the sorting reverts to the most recently changed order. While it may be slightly inconvenient, it’s the default behavior of the Campaign Manager.