Decrease of number of impression


I would like to have feedbacks from other sellers using sponsored products. I’m selling cosmetic products and I’ve started to use sponsored products some months ago.
I have a daily budget I would like to spend on these sponsored products campaigns, but I cannot manage to do it. I have used keywords that are in my products description, my CTR isn’t so bad, my conversion rate is good, so all I need is more visibility aka more impression. My max. bid is at least matching the estimated bid for each keywords, so I would like to know what could help increasing this number of impression.
And I find as well that the number of impression for a keyword tends to decrease with time, even if I do not change anything, and that my bid is still in the proper range compared to estimated bid.

Has anyone experienced similar issues and has anyone found a solution to spend their daily budget ?

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A year ago we got maybe 4 - 10 clicks a day and had a low level of price set.
In time we increased price per click, made changes to keywords and increased max spend per day per ad.
These days its 130 - 170 clicks a day and fee charged is around half the price we set as a max. Monthly payment is far higher, so are sales as a result of clicks.

Most ads we have a max fee per day of £5 - £7 depending on the content. Rarely hit that limit but does happen.

Try on one ad increasing your payment by 2 or 3 times - see what effect that has. If it works maybe roll it out… :slight_smile:

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