Deactivation due to delivery proof missing

The account was deactivated & Amazon asked for delivery proof of orders, but I am unable to provide. As I was doing drop shipping. But honestly, the orders were delivered. @Kika please guide how to address these types of violations, when u are unable to provide tracking information and delivery proofs.

Here is the deactivation notification I received:

"We do not have enough information to reinstate your account. We are not able to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders. Please provide us evidence of delivery or verify that currently uploaded tracking information is correct. Tracking information may be provided in the Manage Orders section of your seller account. This may include buyer confirmation of receipt or proof-of-delivery documentation.

If you are an Amazon Easy Ship seller, please confirm that you use this service for your seller-fulfilled orders as part of your submission.

How do I send the required information?
Please click on the View Appeal button on the Account Health page (Amazon Sign-In) and submit additional information as requested.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 90 days of the original notification, your account will remain deactivated. Do not attempt to create a new seller account. Creating a new account will delay the reactivation process and may lead to permanent closure of your account."


As you have recently found out, drop shipping is a very high risk practice on Amazon. You have to make sure all of your bases are covered, including receiving tracking information on a timely basis, in other words, immediately. Then you need to submit that information to Amazon just aa fast. Tracking is essential to Amazon. This used to be almost impossible to come back from, I don’t know if it’s still is. I’m hoping that Kika can find a way for you to be reactivated. She’s the best.


thank you for your words, but I didn’t receive Dropshipping violation.

I shared the notification and they are asking for delivery proof, I don’t have. What stance I should opt for appeal letter to make it acceptable appeal. @everyone plz share your experiences. Thank you

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You will need to contact those who actually shipped the items and confirm. Hopefully they will have some record of the shipments. And yes, this is a drop shipping violation. I would demand a daily report from your shippers that includes the tracking so that you can confirm with Amazon on a timely basis.


Hello @Malik,

thank you for posting into my group. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to missing tracking information.

I have reviewed your post and I can see that your account was deactivated over Code of Conduct violation, not Late Shipment Rate.

The only way how you can have this lifted is by providing tracking numbers for already shipped orders.

Were the orders shipped untracked or what is the problem? How were the orders fulfilled?

If you don’t have any legitimately looking tracking information, then the only way how to address this would be by explaining what actually happened and presenting how you will remedy it.

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I would say this is hopeless. Open a new account and move on


Thank you so much @Kika . U are such a nice and helpful person in our community. Would really appreciate, If u can share tips to be mentioned in POA, or any sample of POA I will get a better idea and this will definitely solve the issue.

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You are welcome. If you need some tips how to appeal a Code of Conduct suspension, here is an example Plan of Action:

Dear Amazon Seller Performance,

I would like to appeal the closure of my Seller Account due to allegation of confirming shipments without dispatching orders.

What happened:

  • As an estabished Amazon seller who has been trading on the platform for several years and using Fulfillment by Amazon, I failed to properly learn more about the Fulfilled by Merchant requirements for fulfilling orders.
  • Following this year’s Black Friday Sales, I purchased two very expensive large 4K OLED TVS, which originally cost over 10000€ at a significant discount, hoping to be able to resell them through my Amazon Seller Account with a markup and make extra money.
  • Tunderstand that it was a very bad idea to list such expensive items for sale on Amazon, without having sufficient experience with Fulfillment by Merchant or shipping large and heavy items of this kind to international customers.
  • Orders 305-0199102-9888345 and 406-2466520-9027523 were both placed for ASIN B0886GKM45.
  • Order 305-0199102-9888345 was shipped on (date) with tracking number (xxxx) by carrier (xxxx). It can be tracked on the following link: (xxxx).
  • Order 406-2466520-9027523 was shipped on (date) with tracking number (Xxxx) by carrier (xxxx). It can be tracked on the following link: (xXXX).
  • Unfortunately, both orders were not delivered and returned back to me by the carrier, after telling me that their shipping policy prohibits transport of TVs using this service.
  • Customer for order 305-0199102-9888345 contacted me on (date), requesting a refund. Here is a screenshot of the refund request (screensot link). I issued a refund as requested.
  • Customer for order 406-2466520-9027523 contacted me on (date), requesting a refund. Here is a screenshot of the refund request (screensot link). I issued a refund as requested.

What I have done to address this matter:

  • I understand that I shouldn’t have listed expensive items for sale without educating myself and doing a proper research how to fulfill them following receipt of customer orders.
  • Both affected orders 406-2466520-9027523 and 305-0199102-9888345 were refunded and I apologised to the customers.
  • As soon as I am able to access the Seller Central, I will delete all ASINs which are set to Fulfillment by Merchant and I will not attempt to fulfill any orders myself, prior to educating myself on Amazon’s policies for Seller Fulfilled orders.
  • I will continue accepting Amazon Fulfilled orders in the meantime.
  • I have carefully reviewed the Amazon Seller Code of Conduct and Monitor Your Account Health policy to ensure that I am fully compliant.

What I will do to prevent this from happening again:

  • All Fulfilled by Merchant offers will be deleted until I don’t manage to be fully prepared for fulfilling and shipping orders myself.
  • I will find an appropriate shipping carrier which can deliver any potential orders to local and international customers in a timely manner and in accordance with Amazon policies.
  • I will educate myslef how to properly package orders to prevent damage during transit.
  • I will not list any items for sale which I am incapable of fulfilling.
  • I will regularly read and re-read all Amazon policies and guidelines and my Account Health will be carefully monitored.

Evidence that demonstrates that my accout has complied with Amazon policy:

  • Both orders 305-0199102-9888345 and 406-2466520-9027523 were shipped to customers by a tracked shipping method. Refunds were issued as requested by customers.
  • The majority of my orders are being successfully Fulfilled by Amazon.

I believe that this Plan of Action sufficiently addresses the matter and I am looking forward to continue selling on Amazon.

Best regards, (insert name)


Thank you so much @Kika
I want to express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your invaluable advice and guidance on how to write an appeal to Amazon. Your expertise and insights have been instrumental in helping me navigate a challenging situation, and I cannot thank you enough for your exceptional support.
Your comprehensive understanding of Amazon’s policies, procedures, and best practices not only gave me clarity but also instilled confidence in me. Your patience in listening to my concerns and answering my numerous questions is sincerely appreciated.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your exceptional assistance.

Additionally, I wanted to reach out and kindly ask for your guidance as I’m in need of some reliable research material to resolve the case. I was wondering where I can get authentic data/case studies, could you suggest any reputable sources or provide any recommendations for gathering information regarding how to deal with Amazon suspensions?
(any website, channel, page, link, anything).

Hello @Malik,

thank you for the feedback. Feel free to post on this forum whenever you need help. You can also invite there any Amazon Seller friends.

I only launched this forum recently and I am hoping to build a very active community of Amazon Sellers.

You can also find a lot of helpful content on my website or in my Facebook group: Amazon Seller Performance - Friendly Advice - Worldwide | Facebook

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thank u :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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