DE suspension

Hi there,

I am seeking some help related to my suspended account. It was suspended in Mid October as asked me to send 3 ASINs receipts. Two of ASINs were sold out and I only have receipt for 6 units out of 15 as I lost receipts with my wallet. The other ASIn I have had full receipt.

I send them and also wrote a letter to explain the situation but they keep on sending me standard email saying information isn’t enough to reinstate your account.

It’s been around 4 months as I’m loosing hope. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you


I am sorry to hear this. It appears like they may have accepted your Plan of Action, however they still insist on invoices for the remaining items.

I would suggest you to admit that you are unable to provide them and provide them an explanation.

Then remove all items which authenticity cannot be verified from your inventory, mention it in your revised Plan of Action and attach invoices from a new, different supplier to show Amazon that you are now sourcing goods from reputable manufacturers and getting valid invoices


Thank you kika for replying. I have admitted to them that i dont have the remaining units invoice in my appeal plan however they keep on sending same email as they are suspecting these products to be fake.

My question is that is it must to buy from new supplier? as i have only done online arbitrage and dont have any wholeseller.

thank you

I am sorry, however the only way how to proceed will be by deleting the inventory for which you are unable to provide invoices and then sending Amazon invoices for new products which you bought from a reputable supplier.

Let’s say that you order 100 items from any American or European manufacturer.