Damaged, Lost, Found, Lost, Reimburse, Lost, Sold?

Anyone have any advice for dealing with issues like in the subject line.
Two SKU’s sent in, one perfectly fine, the other allegedly Distributor Damaged. I couldnt get any answer as to the actual damage. Tried to get it returned, but then it got lost.

I was reimbursed a ridiculous amount, pennies basically, as it was “damaged stock” that was lost.
I asked for it to be reconsdiered a few times, the copy paste answer remianed the same each time. But then the other day apparently I have had some of the items sold.

So apart from being extremely confused, what next? It would appear that they didnt even add the SKU on by the looks of it

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Yes. There’s a lot to digest when you sell on the FBA platform. Fortunately, Amazon has combined six individual FBA reports into the Inventory Ledger report.

Inventory Ledger report

You can use it to analyze your inventory movements to and from fulfillment centers, including products that are sold, returned, removed, disposed of, damaged, lost, and found.


Thank you, I opened another Seller Support case asking for clarification regarding reimbursement, so far no response

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You’re welcome.

You might check the Amazon Warehouse. It’s not uncommon that damaged and/or lost products show up there,

Keep us updated.

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