Customize shipping settings for seller-fulfilled fulfillment center locations

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

If you ship seller-fulfilled orders from multiple warehouse locations, you can now customize your fulfillment settings for each location with Shipping settings automation.

Shipping settings automation calculates accurate delivery promises based on your fulfillment center location, the customer’s location, and up-to-date carrier transit time for the shipping services you use. When shipping settings automation is enabled, you don’t have to manually estimate transit times. With our new shipping settings automation feature, you can customize your order fulfillment preferences for each of your fulfillment centers, rather than a single account setting.

You can now accomplish the following tasks:

  • Add local address and contact information to provide customers with local contact information.
  • Specify an order cut-off time to customize to local carrier availability and your working hours.
  • Set time zones to ensure accurate fulfillment windows for fulfillment center in different locations.
  • Add pick-up capability to indicate if you allow in-store or curb-side pickup as part of Buy-Online pickup in store.
  • Track inventory across your fulfillment centers by using multi-location inventory APIs to automatically sync available inventory of each product by location.

To learn how to create location settings and update order fulfillment settings for each of your warehouses, go to Location based Shipping Settings.