Customer asked for invoice

Hey guys, a customer asked for an Invoice.

Is there an invoice generator tool within the seller app? Or can I just produce my own invoice


Hello @sparkles,

Qualified Amazon Business Buyers have the option to request an invoice from any and/or all seller on the Amazon platform.

Pay by Invoice

You do not have the option to create an invoice for this customer, and would have to generate one on your own. Forms Templates offers the ability to create invoices for free.


Thank you. Am I required to provide them the invoices? Can I get suspended if I fail to do so?

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You’re welcome…

If you are asking about the customer that requested an invoice, you shouldn’t be suspended by not supplying it.

HOWEVER, they may leave you negative feedback.

As for future customers, I have been selling on Amazon “since the dawn of time.” and have never been asked for an invoice.


So it seems like it’s rare to receive this request. I am going to use online generator and upload invoice for the customer. Hopefully I won’t hear from them again.

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Sometimes business customers’ invoices are not generated. I used the below one to generate an invoice: