Create a campagn - sheet music book with streaming

I would like to create a campaign but believe sheet music books are not eligible. I have seen other books that do seem to be sponsored, perhaps they come with a CD etc.
If mine comes with free streaming of the meusic, will I be able to sponsor the product if so, How ?
I don’t want to become a pro seller unless there is an option to advertise.
Perhaps these other companies are selling a CD with their book. Or do I need to select a different catagory?
Or be an advantage seller?
Thanks for your help

Sponsored Products are only available in the following Amazon search categories:

If the product is classed as a Book, then you will be unable to advertise it.

Review the “Sponsored Products eligibility requirements”.

Thank you for your reply
Can I catagorise the book as ‘Music’ as it comes with a streaming option. Music in the book can be streamed online. This would then make it possible to advertise.
By changing category would it mean I then do not appear in sheet music search results? If so I would not want to change category
Thanks again

It’s a Book and you shouldn’t be placing the product into the wrong category to get around restrictions.

im trying to go within the rules.
Streaming is not a book and some books come with CDs
I’m wondering how other companies have managed to do it and Amazon customer service have been so awful in telling me I can advertise it as a book but then saying I have to be and advantage seller.

Free streaming being available with a Book, doesn’t make it belong into the Music category, it’s still a book.