Counterfeit infringement claim

Good Morning,

I have a ongoing situation with Amazon in regards to a Counterfeit Claim against a bundle I was try to sell. This bundle contains 3 products from BBW’s & 1 bar soap from Marbela Cosmetics. The claim is against the bar soap.

The Reason is : Counterfeit without test buy.

The purchase from Marbela was made from their website & I submitted that information as well as a bank statement showing proof of the legit purchase. However , Amazon’s response was that they don’t have enough information to reactivate at this time. Also the information Amazon provided to contact the company doesn’t match their website information.

I’ve been searching for other solutions but it looks like I will have to have these items removed & have a violation on my account.

What are your thoughts?

Since this was a bundle, then any invoices you submit will not patch the product name, therefore you will be unable to successfully appeal. I would recommend you to delete the listing and wait for the complaint to disappear from your metrics.

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