Could this cause any problems after making the change?

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I have an LLC company in the USA and I’m using a registered agent’s address as my business address on Seller Central. However, I live outside of the USA. Recently, I’ve noticed that some people have had their accounts deactivated and were asked to provide a utility bill from the seller. I found out that my registered agent cannot help with a utility bill, so I’m worried that I might face the same problem in the future.

I’m considering changing my company’s business address to my home address on Seller Central.

Changing your company’s business address on Amazon Seller Central from your registered agent’s address to your home address outside the USA can lead to various complications.

Firstly, Amazon’s verification processes often require proof of address, and your non-U.S. address might not meet their criteria, potentially resulting in account deactivation.

Additionally, U.S. state laws may require a domestic business address for tax purposes, raising concerns about compliance and tax obligations.You could encounter issues with banking, payments, and customer trust due to your foreign address.

Consider alternatives like virtual offices or third-party services for a U.S.-based address and consult with professionals for tailored advice.

If you proceed with the change, update your address on Seller Central, notify relevant authorities, prepare documentation, and closely monitor your account for any requests or issues that may arise.

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