Could someone help me with this?

I was faced with this while trying to ungate an ASIN. I am not sure what am I supposed to do in this case.

The ASIN has been enrolled in the Transparency programme. It’s a scheme run by Amazon to prevent fakes. If you don’t know what it is, search in Seller Central.

If your stock does not have transparency barcode labels, you won’t be able to send it into FBA as the brand owner requires them.


Yes. As above, this ASIN is linked with transparency number #… If you buy, you’ll ask for transparency code from your supplier otherwise you cannot list it .


I agree with others. The whole Transparency barcodes thing is a complete nightmare. Very recently, Amazon somehow enrolled thousands of various non-brands (understand seller’s storefront name inserted in the brand field) into Transparency. Many of those “brands” are dormant and apart from their name being incorrectly inserted into the brand field of irrelevant ASINs by the listing creators, they have no presence on Amazon and their owners have been suspended from selling years ago.

Now, tons of established listings are getting restricted if you don’t have the Transparency barcodes from these non-brands.

Your only option is a removal order. There is no way how to get this lifted, even if the “brand” is completely irrelevant to the ASIN and product.

Amazon won’t let you list a single unit without firstly inserting its Amazon-generated Transparency barcode.


You can’t sell it basically. I hope you kept the receipt.


Oh, I have not bought the product. I was just trying to ungate it. And they asked me to go through this! I guess this is the process of ungating this ASIN :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.

You need to ask before you buy from the source if they supply Transparency codes, otherwise you can’t sell.

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Ya, now I get it. Thanks

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