Copy Campaign Settings from U.S. to EU marketplace. Help needed


I have a lot of campaigns running in Seller Central U.S. to great effect. I want to copy these over to Seller Central EU. My U.S. store has 113 active products and EU has 45.

I have tried on numerous occasions to import via bulk spreadsheet, deleting all U.S. products that I do not have in the EU but I am stumped… Always getting error messages.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a service/person I can use/pay for the couple of hours work it’s going to take someone who knows what they are doing?

Thank you!


When it comes to copying campaigns from Seller Central US to Seller Central EU, it can be a complex process due to differences in marketplaces, currencies, and product availability. While I don’t have specific information about external services or individuals who can assist you with this task, I can offer some general guidance:

  1. Double-check compatibility: Ensure that the campaigns you are trying to copy are eligible to run in the EU marketplace. Some campaigns or advertising features may have restrictions or differences between the US and EU marketplaces. Review Amazon’s advertising guidelines and policies for the EU marketplace to ensure compliance.
  2. Review campaign settings: Make sure that your campaigns in Seller Central US are optimized for the EU marketplace. Consider adjusting targeting options, bidding strategies, and ad content to align with the EU audience and marketplace requirements.
  3. Product listing synchronization: Ensure that your product listings in Seller Central EU accurately reflect the products you want to advertise. This includes having active listings for the 45 products you mentioned. Verify that the listings have the necessary information, including titles, descriptions, images, and relevant keywords.
  4. Bulk spreadsheet import: If you’re experiencing difficulties with the bulk spreadsheet import process, review Amazon’s guidelines for the correct format and required fields for the EU marketplace. Make sure that you’ve filled in all the necessary information accurately and that you’ve followed the correct steps for the import process. Double-check for any error messages or warnings in the spreadsheet to troubleshoot any issues.
  5. Seek professional assistance: If you’re unable to successfully copy the campaigns yourself, you may consider reaching out to Amazon Advertising support for guidance. They can provide specific instructions, troubleshoot any issues you encounter, or recommend any available services or experts who can assist you with the process.

Remember to exercise caution when seeking external assistance, and make sure to verify the credibility and expertise of any service providers before engaging their services. Additionally, keep in mind that fees or costs may vary depending on the level of support required and the complexity of your campaigns.

I hope these suggestions help you in your efforts to copy campaigns from Seller Central US to Seller Central EU. Best of luck with your advertising endeavors!

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