Coordinating product launch and FBA inventory management

Hello! A few questions…

How do you coordinate the “launch date” of your product with getting your product shipped to Amazon and it is officially available for purchase?

Like it takes time to get the product made until final approval to the manufacturer. Then you need to I think coordinate with Amazon about getting labels for your product. That needs to be sent and labeled by the manufacturer. Then they need to ship it. Then you have to wait till its received by Amazon FC. Then at some point its ready and you activate your listing (not sure when this happens please fill me in). So how do you create a date that you’re telling people… So on insert date this new product will be for sale!

ALSO ! :slight_smile:

Since some very first orders may have a high MQO, what do you do with the rest of the inventory? Do you ship the maximum allowed to the FC and the rest to your home?

Thank you!

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Confirm the production completion date with the supplier, then confirm the shipping time with the forwarder, and you will get a rough date.

Do you live in the same country as your market? If so, you can ship the rest of the goods to your home to avoid excessive storage fees on Amazon.

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Try 10-20 units first if this is a new product and send more once you start getting steady sales.