Contacting Amazon about removal order


Anyone know how to speak to Amazon? I have my account deactivated, i created a removal order to get back my products.

The order is stuck i have hundred of units in there warehouse I can’t open a new case to speak with them.

Just kiss that money good bye…

It’s not just amazon that has a brickwall between the company and the customer, it is how big tech operates.

Your only hope for contact would be to have your attorney contact amazon legal with a signature confirmation letter to amazon’s registered agent. I am assuming you are in the USA, if not try to ping @kika and others that are not in the USA.


Try one of the email addresses that is relevant to you from the list in the link below:

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Hello mohsin,

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to being related to a suspended account. Unfortunately, these suspensions are nearly impossible to get lifted unless you manage to locate the other account and fix it firstly.

Regarding the removal order, during a suspension, Amazon only answers questions about your account status.

If you would like to get your inventory back, it would be reasonable to send a legal letter to Amazon requesting the return of the inventory, as they will be ignoring any communications you otherwise send them.


Thank you for the suggestions. They disabled the menu to open a new case and the call function. I can only open a new case for deactivation reason. I tried to open a case and change the subject. I have a bot answer every time i open a case.

This is for the US marketplace, i can still open a case for other countries. I tried to open a case in CA and for now they says they can’t do nothing because the marketplaces are “independent”. (I’am only US seller)

If you have stuff in FBA locations outside the USA you better recall that immediately before they take your stuff.
Since you are in the USA and if the dollar amount justifies the cost you better get an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. They will drag their feet and the next thing you know it will go into disposal because you did not recall it.

@FunkyMonkey I already fixed it, the site keeps going offline from time to time. Let me know whenever you see it’s not working.

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Of course, I can help you…