Confused over recent A-Z

So a customer placed an order 5pm friday 5th May.
This was posted on the Tuesday 9th.
Customer told to expect delivery by 11th
They messaged me on the 11th to say not received. I responded saying could they wait another day or so as delivery times are estimates and with the bank holiday it may have caused some delay.
Not heard back from customer until today when A-Z case opened and Amazon immediately granted

Now tracking checked and sure enough still not delivered so I can understand why A-Z granted (that is not my issue) - but:

  1. A-Z message from Amazon said the defect would count against me. As I used Buy Shipping I immediately went to appeal as this is against policy. However, the A-Z in account health shows 0 claims - is there a delay from being granted to when it shows on dashboard or has it not been counted as per policy?

I’m confused

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With shipping bought from Amazon, you should be able to appeal and have the defect removed.

There is a policy which say that Amazon fully covers these claims.


@Kika has a great A-Z claim guide with templates: