Complete noob here with a few questions based off the research I've done so far

So far I know I want to do FBA retail arbitrage but am at a loss on a few things.

  1. Do I have to start off selling books or can I get ungated from the start in another category like nike, Adidas shoes and clothes?

  2. Is$2000 enough to get started

  3. Do I need a llc to open a sellers account or can I start as a DBA and change later ?

Your positive plan of action would be to speak with an attorney and a CPA (certified public account in the USA). Get the information directly from them, your country, state, locality will have specific laws and guidelines you need to comply with.

Making money on amazon is a moot point, all that is left is chump change since amazon is making the lions share of the profit. Selling online is a good experience and should be experienced regardless of what I say or others would say.

Also keep in mind EVERYTHING you see on the internet is loaded with BS. So many BS artists are on all the social media sites chumming for clicks. So, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, make sure you have facts, avoid the online BS.

Do your home work well.


Yes you can start selling books… You can get ungated in other categories like Nike, Adidas shoes, and clothes, but it may be more challenging to get approved as a new seller. It’s important to research the requirements and restrictions for each category before investing in inventory.

$2000 can be enough to get started, but it depends on the products you plan to sell and the quantity. It’s important to do a thorough analysis of the costs involved in sourcing, shipping, and storing your inventory, as well as any fees associated with selling on Amazon.

You can start as a DBA and change to an LLC later. However, it’s important to note that Amazon does require sellers to provide accurate information about their business structure and tax identification number. It’s recommended to consult with a legal or financial professional to determine the best structure for your Business. Good luck!

  1. You can start FBA retail arbitrage in categories other than books, but some may require approval.

  2. $2000 can be enough to get started, but remember to budget wisely.

  3. You can start as a DBA and change to an LLC later.

If you have any queries feel free to ask…

  1. You can get ungated in a category

  2. Yes

  3. Do not need LLC


Sell what ever you want but from my own journey so far you will find it difficult to find items that are not gated. Some are as simple filling out the form but if you need an invoice from a distributor might want to wait unless your buying whole sale. I have about £5000 msrp in a product I can’t sell sitting on the shelf right now. Been denied 4 times for ungate


Why are they denying you? have they provided a reason?

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They couldn’t verify the supplier. This product was sourced before I became familiar with Amazon’s criteria.

The supplier doesn’t have a proper website or social media. It’s just a local b&m store. Any attempts for explanation get me automated generic responses.

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You might have a serious issue with either counterfeit goods or gray market. Might be better off selling it to liquidator that will in turn will sell it to some amazon seller that has already been ungated for the brand.