Competitors getting sales with overpriced prices

Hello all!

I just started my journey in FBA world :slight_smile:
I recently created my seller central account and got my first products! I have a couple of questions and I would be so grateful if someone could answer them!

First, I have been taking a look to what my competitors do. Something that I have found out is that they post products at higher price that amazon does, and they still get sells, this confuses me a lot, as an example I attach the stuntz lego set. Amazon price on the left and FBA price on the right, I assume amazon gets more sells but FBA guy gets his share, this confuses me, why would someone pay more for the same product? (both are prime of course).

This takes me to my second question, I have noticed how some FBA products sell consistenly over time at a higher price that amazon and/or buybox prices, how is this possible?. I also attach a screenshot of a keepa chart of this phenomena. I hope someone can help this poor newby understand this a bit better.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!!

Until you get actual first hand and for fact sales data DIRECTLY from amazon considered it all useless.


Sometimes people don’t see the the cheaper product because there’s millions of items on Amazon, among other things you could probably guess.

There are a few possibilities.

First, Amazon could have the Buy Box and lower price, but when you look at the available offers, Amazon is out of stock, and delivery would be in six weeks, or 3 months.

Second. You are a relatively new seller, so you don’t have much of a track-record. I can tell you for a fact, buyers jump past all the lower cost offers; including Prime, to buy from me because I have maintained a 100% feedback rating for 13-years. In one case, my price was $7.00 more.

So, price isn’t everything.