Competitor is posting branded items as generic

I have a competitor who is creating ASINs listing branded items as generic. It’s a well known brand. How do you pass that in to Amazon?

I’ve tried to let Amazon know in the past and they haven’t acknowledged. I feel like I’m trying the wrong way to reach them. Brand too big to notice and will not go after them. Thoughts?


Ever hear the old saying: “When in Rome do as the Romans”

Those sellers understand how to survive selling on amazon, they understand how the SMA (Seller Manipulation Algorithm) works.

  1. don’t worry about reporting the other seller. It will often backfire and somehow YOU will be in trouble with Amazon.

  2. Attempt to list the item the correct way. If you are unable, open a case with Amazon and keep it open until you are able to list. May take weeks or even months.


So it’s recommended not to do anything ?

Yes. Worry about your business only and let others break the rules if they want. They’ll probably make some money short term but they will be caught eventually, if not for this reason, for another.