Comparing 3 Amazon Keyword Tracking Tools: Helium 10, JungleScout, and ASINSIGHT

Through keyword ranking tracking, Amazon sellers can effectively evaluate the performance of their listings and the impact of their PPC advertising campaigns. While all of these 3 tools provide the capability to monitor the organic and SP rankings of ASINs, there are notable disparities in terms of keyword tracking volume, operational procedures, and data update frequencies.

1、Keyword Tracking Volume:

-Helium 10: Allows for the manual selection of keywords from search results or manual addition of keywords for tracking, with a monthly limit.

-JungleScout: Automatically suggests 50 keywords per ASIN, along with manual keyword additions or removals, also with a monthly limit.

-ASINSIGHT: Tracks all keywords where your ASIN ranks on the first three pages of search results with no monthly restrictions, both for organic and ad ranking history.

2、Keyword Ranking Update Frequency:

-Helium 10: Offers daily updates for keyword rankings and hourly updates for certain keywords ranking.

-JungleScout: Provides daily keyword ranking updates.

-ASINSIGHT: Delivers hourly ranking data for top keywords (Top 100,000 in the US, Top 50,000 in the UK, and Top 50,000 in Germany), and daily updates for other keywords.

3、Tracking Duration:

-Helium 10: 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, or all-time.

-JungleScout: Permits manual adjustment of tracking duration, allowing for tracking periods extending beyond two years.

-ASINSIGHT: 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days.

4、Query Speed:

-Helium 10: Requires several minutes to load data.

-JungleScout: no need to wait.

-ASINSIGHT: no need to wait.


-Helium 10: $79 per month.

-Jungle Scout: $49 per month.

-ASINSIGHT: $29 per month with one-month free trial.


1、ASINSIGHT offers the quickest and most precise keyword ranking updates.

2、Helium10 boasts the longest keyword tracking duration.

3、Jungle Scout excels in user-friendly management of keyword additions and removals.


Thank you for sharing the tips, I am sure many sellers will find them useful! :blush:

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