Commercial General Liability Insurance


I am a future Amazon seller through the FBA program in Canada and the USA (our business is registered in Canada).

We would like to get a Commercial General Liability Insurance. We are a private label company in the baby products industry.

A lot of companies do not seem to want to insure in this industry, has anyone had any luck?

Thanks so much in advance!

Yes. We sell toys, and carry a lot of baby stuff. We’ve been using The Hartford for years. Never had a problem.


You can use one of the partnered providers available in Amazon Seller Central, such as Marsh, through Insurance Accelerator:


Thank you @Kika and @FunkyMonkey. I will have a look

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Finding insurance for the baby products industry can be tricky, but there are insurance brokers who specialize in e-commerce and product liability. They might be able to help you find a suitable insurance provider.